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“… It was completely different than any other Childcare we had seen – clean, calm, organized, inviting … Stepping foot into the WVC facility, we knew it was the place for our daughter.”

- Tiffany and Sean, parents of Leta


Wilma Valentine Childcare in Sidney, Ohio is a non-profit childcare center for ALL children ages 3, 4, and 5. The center provides opportunities for children with disabilities and without disabilities to learn together in an integrated setting.  All children learn the value of friendship and are taught important life skills.  WVC is open year-round from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and is staffed at a ratio of approximately 1 staff for every 7 children.  We can offer more individualized care for children because of our smaller size and consistent staff. 

The center is located in the building across the drive from Shelby Hills Early Childhood Center in Sidney, Ohio. All children in the childcare center have the opportunity to attend a preschool class as part of their day, as mentor/typical preschoolers or a preschooler with special needs. In addition, the proximity to the preschool provides the opportunity for the childcare staff to work closely with the Shelby Hills staff to provide a consistent program for children who are enrolled in both centers and who may be experiencing physical, cognitive, or behavioral challenges.


About Us

This unique childcare center was opened in 1992 as a result of a county-wide survey that indicated a need for childcare for children with disabilities.  As a result, Wilma Valentine Childcare (formerly Wilma Valentine Creative Learning Center) was opened to give an opportunity for all children to receive care in a more individualized childcare setting.  We know that all kids are working on learning how to work and play alongside each other.  We provide a setting where it is safe for them to learn this skill and where they are welcome to learn and grow.  We serve children who are aged 3-5 so that they can attend the Shelby Hills Early Childhood Center preschool program as part of their learning experience.  Partnering with Shelby Hills, our children get the support and learn the content they need for kindergarten enrollment.  We are open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on a year round schedule.  We have an excellent summer program that allows the children field trip experiences out in the community up to 3 days per week.

Our Staff

  • Nancy Stiefel Wilma Valentine Sidney Ohio

    Nancy Stiefel

  • Samantha Macy
    Administrative Assistant

  • Kimberly Cummins Wilma Valentine Sidney Ohio

    Kimberly Cummins
    Program Coordinator

  • Karen Weinschenk Wilma Valentine Sidney Ohio

    Karen Weinschenk
    Child Care Assistant

  • Hannah Starkey Wilma Valentine Sidney Ohio

    Hannah Starkey
    Child Care Assistant

  • Zoe Shipman Wilma Valentine Sidney Ohio

    Zoe Shipman
    Child Care Assistant

  • Kim Foster Wilma Valentine Sidney Ohio

    Kim Foster
    Child Care Assistant


Children ages 3-5 (or until entering Kindergarten).
All children enrolled at the WVC will also attend Shelby Hills Preschool.

Fee Schedules

  Daily Rate (lunch included) Weekly Rate (preschool and lunch included)
Child Care $32.00 $125.00
2nd Child $26.00 $110.00

Hourly (If Available) $6.00 per hour (Lunch is $2.00 extra)

A $25 registration fee per child is required at the time of initial enrollment. This fee is non-refundable. A key card will be issued to parents to enter the childcare door. There is a $10.00 charge for lost key cards. Extra keys require a $10 deposit each that will be returned upon return of the key.

Fees are to be placed in the payment box, which is located by the childcare entrance door.

Receipts will be distributed each week.

We accept JFS subsidy.

Get Started!

To have your child considered for enrollment at Wilma Valentine Childcare, please complete an Enrollment Application and deliver to the childcare center.

Prior to your child's first day, we will need the remaining forms completed. You will also need to provide your child's birth certificate, social security number and immunization records.

Wilma Valentine Enrollment Forms



Policies and Forms

Please print, read and fill out the following forms when beginning your enrollment at Wilma Valentine.

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 Nancy Stiefel - Director
email Nancy Stiefel at Wilma Valentine Child Care Sidney Ohio nstiefel@shelbydd.org

Samantha Macy-Administrative Assistant
email Nancy Stiefel at Wilma Valentine Child Care Sidney Ohio smacy@shelbydd.org

Kimberly Cummins - Child Care Program Coordinator
email Nancy Stiefel at Wilma Valentine Child Care Sidney Ohio kcummins@shelbydd.org